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DeWaard Painting - Inaugural DAAF
Inaugural Driftless Area Art Festival - Original Painting by Ken DeWaard

The Driftless Area, a unique region that escaped the glaciers of the Ice Age, is an inspirational setting to all manner of talented artists.  Its hills and valleys are home to painters and potters, woodworkers and weavers, metalsmiths and musicians, vintners and brewmasters.

To see, hear and taste the exceptional variety of their creations, you usually have to visit studios and stores, cafes and concerts.  But once a year, on the third weekend in September, these artists gather together in Crawford County, Wisconsin, at the Driftless Area Art Festival.

Enjoy a drive with exceptional scenery.  Spend a few hours strolling through the exhibits.  Taste some local fare and sip some local wines.  Listen to some great music.  Take home some fine art and fine memories. 

Experience the beauty and artistry of the Driftless Area.

The Driftless Area Art Festival
is presented by
Peoples State Bank
Driftless Area Art Festival

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